Do you really know a person....

    I had the great honor of taking photographs of Kalamazoo native and Former Chicago White Sox First Baseman Mike Squires. Squires was an All-Star and won a Golden Glove with the White Sox. I went into the assignment only armed with the knowledge I found on Wikipedia. I immediately recognized Mike when I walked in the door but I could not place him. We got to talking and I found out I had played basketball with him when I first moved to Kalamazoo and he was a local High School basketball referee that I have seen at numerous games last season. He is a great guy and I remember him being one of the few people to welcome me to the YMCA and the community.

    I love finding out where people have been, and especially finding and talking to people that have lived entire other lives. It makes me very introspective. Where will I be in ten years...twenty...I just started this phase of my life.  I look back at all I have done and get very excited for all that is coming.


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